...created by tommy cinquegrano in san francisco

...hand-pulled by kayrock screenprinting & axelle editions in brooklyn

I moved to San Francisco over seven years ago from Brooklyn, NY. While my day to day consists of using strictly digital mediums in the video game industry, I enjoy getting back to my traditional artist roots whenever time allows. During my time living in the neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn, I was surrounded by constant real estate development. In order to preserve and capture the disappearing landscape, I began to collage personal and found photos of the archetypal buildings that I saw everyday. I then worked with a local screenprinter to produce limited runs of these images. My screenprints were a tribute to the old knitting factory that I called home, and the neighborhood that I enjoyed everyday. Currently I live in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. While the pace of gentrification is not as extreme as Brooklyn, I hope to apply my collage style to capture and preserve the amazingly eclectic victorian, edwardian, warehouse, and working class homes that I've grown to know and love.